Saturday, 7 June 2014

The weight struggle continues

Hi Guys,

The weather today is awesome I must confess. My weight loss is going on so well and I am very happy with myself.

I am now on Step 3 where I have 2 Cambridge Products and 1000kcals of healthy food, I must confess this past week has been a bit challenging due to going out after work.

After work, I find myself in Charing cross, hopping into one theatre and having Rose during matinees. After theatre, we going into wagamama, wasabi etc and my Cambridge products are left unopened.

I will like to say, the weight loss journey can be a bit difficult, and am going to get back on track from today.

Rushing off to sort out groceries and I will be back on Monday to tell you more about Step 3


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Cambridge Weight Plan works like MAGIC

OK Guys, am sorry I have been MIA, only because I have been cheating lots, going off and on plan but in all, I have lost so much. Almost 9KG (19pounds) down.

Cambridge works, and works even more if you can stick to plan but to be honest that is very hard.

Am on Week 5 now and lost 10pounds.

I was on Step 2 for about 2 weeks, this step allows a proper meal of 200g protein and 80g Vegetables but it didn't work for me as I found myself eating more and more after tasting conventional meals. I decided to go back to Step 1 about a week ago.

So far I have achieved a lovely UK size 12 therefore am no longer in a hurry for drastic losses which means this diet sure works.

I always drink so much water daily, especially at work. I have a 750ml water bottle that does the trick, all I do is once I get into the office. I have 2 bottles, and in the next 2 hours, I try to gulp down 2 more bottles and that's my 3litres done for the day.

In addition, I have more water before each product but the bad news is I visit the Loo all the time, also when I have had some salty crisps I notice I don't wee as much, maybe my body is retaining some water but am not worried because once I get back on plan like I have today after the weekend cheats, then I will be back in Ketosis.

CWP really does work, but I must confess it is indeed difficult to stick to. I just feel great because I really do fit into pre-pregnancy clothes and that keeps my motivation high. I am convinced my target size 10 is right on the way.

Now the problem is how to maintain, after much talks with ladies on a healthy BMI, I realized most of them keep the weight right by watching what they eat everyday i.e. their lifestyle is attached to healthy eating. Not sure how I am going to survive without peppered Steak aka (Suya), KFC, Burgers etc. especially with a toddler whose crisps I can’t stop munching on.

My Consultant thinks I must take my mind off these unhealthy meals to maintain a healthy weight going forward.

Take care guys and I will be back with more soon.


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Cambridge Weight Plan-Side effects and Benefits

Hello Lovelies,
Sorry I haven't blogged in a bit, this was due to change of schedule as I changed jobs.

Good news is my new job means using the underground daily and guess what, I found out I burn at least 500kcals everyday.

I will start with telling you about a device I bought from Sportsdirect for only £6.It's a pedometer, I will upload pictures later.

On Saturday, I moved houses and wore my pedometer all day. Moving meant going up and down the stairs over 30 times, but on my way to bed I checked the pedometer and found out I lost only 120kcals. Imagine that little with so much work I did all day Saturday. This made me realize that watching what I eat is very key to maintaining a good weight.

My CWP has been going on amazingly well, I don't feel too hungry anymore but I will share the side effects so far for me:

1. Insomnia: Lack of sleep, I found a way around this by taking a shower around 9ish, and that relaxes me a lot and a able to sleep well through the night
2.High energy levels: I found out am very strong, and hardly feel weak even if I have done so many strenuous activities during the day, but I guess that's a positive if you look at it from another angle.
3.Headache: I notice this only when I didn't catch enough rest during the day, but with my showering technique, I don't feel any headache now.

Altogether I feel the benefits of CWP far outweighs the negatives, Now when I do my No 2, my DH isn't screaming of a foul smell and opening all the windows, also when I farrrrtttt, the person next to me can't figure it out as it just doesn't smell. I feel really good inside and always wear my briefs all over the house as my confidence levels has definitely gone up.

I went to Lasenza and got some new bras which look like swim wears and I flaunt my new BOD all over the house, and DH can't stop commenting on how good I look which makes me blush.

Also check out MandS for the new memory pad bras, they are so comfortable.

Due to work moves, I haven't had time to weigh myself with my new consultant, but I got my products off her and will weight next week for sure.

I love the CWP and am glad am on track. I will give kudos to a whatsapp group I also joined, all the ladies on there share their stories, and daily updates which helps me stay motivated. It's almost been a month on cwp and I see myself really changing my food lifestyle going to maintain a healthy bmi going forward.

Love you guys and sorry for typhos, am blogging, washing my baby, getting feeding him, and getting ready for work at the same time.


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Cambridge diet 2nd week & Food Temptations

Ok. I had my 2nd weight check today and I lost only 1 pound which isn't good and a waste of my efforts This was caused by not sticking to the diet properly.

It was a long holiday as we had a Bank Holiday on Monday. This had a negative effect on my diet because my DH decided to choose this period to take us all out to restaurants on 2 separate occasions.

So yesterday evening, I finally broke the news to DH that am on a diet as I hate my fat look etc.. He gave me this wry smile and said okay, shall we go to Nandos and get take-away since you have refused to cook.

I was happy with the proposal and said to myself, "Eve, you are not tasting from that food, have your shake while they eat".

On the way to Nandos, I decided to buy a quarter chicken since that is allowed as long as it's 200g.

We got home, opened the food package, and I found out DH didn't buy a quarter chicken, in there was a whole chicken!!!. He then said to me "please remove a quarter and pass me the rest".

To cut the long story short, I ate all the chicken, chips and had coleslaw.

I also cheated on other days, eating KFC wings, fries etc..

Lesson learnt is  I need to really cultivate the habit of healthy eating and food discipline, this is why I keep getting slim today, fat tomorrow.

It's hard guys and I am more than determined to make it this week.

I have had my oat breakfast, and shake lunch today, dinner will be a challenge as I need to make food for the family. Once I can find a way to discipline myself and eat smaller portions, am sure I will make headway with my weight.

Also, I got an email from Beachbody stating there is a new P90X3. I plan to start exercising from next month so I may be getting the CD's.

Bye for now.


Friday, 2 May 2014

Cambridge Diet Step 2 Day 2

Hello Guys,

I didn't blog anything yesterday as I was feeling a bit down with my weight loss

Since I started Step 2 which includes food, I am finding it really hard. I guess it's easier to make your mind up that you are on a total replacement diet for say 4 weeks, but I went on to Step 2 after 1 week because I just could not cope with not having any food.

Ok, let me brief you guys on the Cambridge weight Plan steps.
Step 1: Sole Source, this is when you are not allowed any conventional foods at all. You need to stick to the porridge for breakfast, shakes for lunch and soups for dinner, please feel free to interchange as you wish.

Read my previous posts to see how I survived Step 1 and lost 5KG in one week.

After visiting my consultant after step 1, I explained to her that I think I will do well on step 2 as I miss having contact with food, after much pleading, she checked my BMI and agreed to move me onto Step 2 which am on now.

So yesterday I decided to prepare my dinner I actually survived the morning with my porridge, even though I lost half of the porridge when I put it into the microwave at work, I don't know what kind of heat level the microwave had because when I took a look at my porridge after 30secs I realized half of it had poured out. **sad face**

I managed the other half for breakfast and drank lots of water to fill my stomach up. In the afternoon, around half 12 I had my first butterscotch shake, I wasn’t very hungry but curios to taste this flavour(another reason why I love CWP), it tasted great and during tea time around 4pm I had another shake and made my way home to pick my LO and we were home bound.

Now came the challenge, I hurriedly picked up my CWP book to check the conventional meal specification for my dinner.

I picked up my scale and measured 80g of spinach. I mixed some tomato paste, little oil, I piece of chicken (I assumed this was 200g) and steamed in a small pot. I then served this in my small plate and dinner ready.

I drank lots of water before the meal, ate my food and drank more water.

After the meal, I was super hungry, it didn't feel me up one bit, even the shakes filled me up better, luckily earlier in the day, I read online that during step 2 be careful not to over eat so I had thoughts in my mind saying that's okay, but truthfully I was still hungry and couldn’t hold it.

I decided to weight another chicken piece and found out it was only 50g, and the book says 200g of chicken is allowed, so I immediately ate another 50g chicken. I was still hungry so decided to make another spinach soup dinner with chicken.  In my mind, I was telling myself, you have only had 100g chicken so far.

Once I settled for the second plate of food, ate the 50g chicken first, immediately after the chicken piece, I just noticed I was so full which means my stomach is now small. **good times**

I decided to pour the food away and look forward to my dinner tonight, am going to ensure I measure the protein(chicken or prawns) and not assume to ensure am eating my dinner in one serving and fighting  any temptation that may come my way today.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the size 10 clothes I ordered and how feeding my son is affecting my Cambridge Plan.


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Cambridge Weight Plan Stage 2 and what my DH thinks

Yippy, I am on stage 2 which involves eating my own dinner.

This morning I had my first meal which is the lovely Apple and Cinnamon porridge/oats. Lovely meal but I am feeling hungry 2 hours after. I guess that's because I haven't been drirnking my water. I am going to gulp some glasses down in 2 seconds.

Ok, 2 glasses down and am feeling okay.

This morning I had this funny conversation with my DH.

DH: Babe, are you worrying about anything?
Eve:No o, am great, why?
Your child bearing hips are going down
Eve: Really, am just watching my weight a bit, didn't you notice I was getting too big
DH: Who told you that, I love you just the way you are, and those hips are priceless to me, besides I need to hold those love-handles o, so be careful what you are loosing.
Eve: Ok sir...have a great day ahead, am running late for work.

 He he he, I was laughing all morning.

Today, I also joined a chat group to stay motivated on my CWP and my future maintenance.

And remember yesterday I told you guys I won't be cheating on Tuesday and honestly, I didn't, I woke up a bit weak this morning, but drank a glass of water, settled for my porridge and Yes, I was back to my normal self.